Trump: If you threaten US people, you will not last

United States President Donald Trump said that the US military is a big fighting force but that he hopes he will not have to use it. "You see what happened a few days ago.

 If you threaten American people, you will not last, said Trump speaking at his campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio

He added that last week the US took justice in its hands to save American lives. "For years Soleimani planned and executed attacks against American troops. We got in Baghdad very quickly. We did the opposite of Benghazi. I called our great generals and told them: get him over there. Now, Soleimani was planning new attacks and looking at our embassies.

He repeated that at his orders, the US military eliminated Soleimani and ended his rampage through the world. "He is no longer a terror, he is dead. Democrats expressed outrage over this. Instead, they should be outraged at his deeds."

US people you threaten US people you will not last